Adapt the financing to your life.

With the financing products of the Mercedes-Benz Bank Group you can adapt the installment payment to your needs - and not the other way around. Choose the one that best suits your circumstances and plans from three alternatives. Regardless of whether you are buying a new Mercedes-Benz or a used car.



Plus3 financing

Drive now, decide later.

A Mercedes-Benz financing usually runs for three to four years. Until then, your circumstances may change, for example because you start a family or discover a new sport. You may then want to change to another model. With a Plus3 financing, you get exactly this leeway:

You decide only six months before the expiry of your contract whether you would like to

  • pay the final installment and take possession of the car together with the last monthly installment, or
  • complete follow-up financing in order to be able to pay the final installment in monthly installments, or
  • to fall back on the supplementary agreement with your dealer, return your financed vehicle to the guaranteed residual value and, if desired, get into a new "Mercedes-Benz".

The financing calculator shows you how flexible you can stay with Plus3 financing. Try it now.


Standard financing

Fixed rates over the entire term.

The standard financing is the classic car loan - clear as the lines of a Mercedes-Benz and straight like a motorway in the flat country. You agree with your dealer what amount you want to pay and how many months your contract will run. This allows you to decide how much you want to transfer each month. Once the last instalment has been paid, your dream Mercedes belongs to you.

The advantages of standard financing:

  • You enjoy full predictability thanks to constant rates.
  • You remain financially more flexible than with a cash purchase.
  • No mileage limit. You drive your Mercedes without having to pay attention to the mileage.

Tip: Test the possibilities of Mercedes-Benz financing in the financing calculator.


Final installments financing

A clear target in sight.

You have invested money firmly or are looking forward to a larger amount from an ongoing project? Then a final installment financing might come into consideration for the purchase of your new Mercedes-Benz. Here you pay low monthly instalments over the entire term and pay a higher sum at the end.


The advantages of final installment financing:

  • You determine the contract term yourself and thus influence the amount of the final installment.
  • You can make a deposit upon request. Then the monthly instalments decrease additionally.
  • No mileage limit. You drive your Mercedes from the first day without having to calculate.

You know from the start how high the final rate will be. So you have a clear goal in mind: the last payment after which your dream Mercedes becomes your property.